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Product Name
White primer moulded door skins
Standard Size
L:2050-2150   W:620-1050mm
Surface Material
Melamine; Natural veneer; White primer 
Face And Back
Wood grain melamine paper, natural and engineered veneer
Surface Color
Wenge,Beech,Ash,Mahogany,Red oak,Red walnut,Antic light/dark,White maple,Teak,Black Ash,Sapele/Teak etc
E 1 glue

Technical data
1) Density: 880-900kg/m3
2) Moisture: 5 - 10%
3) Water absorption rate: <20%
4) Length/Width tolerance: ±2.0mm
5) Thickness tolerance: ±0.2mm
6) Modulus of elasticity: ≥35Mpa

Inner:Each door skin was covered with shrink film
Export wooded pallet packing with by steel belt
Mini Order Quantity
1x 20ft
Payment Term
by T/T in advance or L/C at sight
Delivery Time
With 15 days after we receive the deposit of 30% or L/C at sight
1. Surface color is bright, attractive and not discolorable
2. No need any spray painting & any further processing
3.Waterproof,Scratch resistant ,No Crack No split,No shrink
4.Green ,healthy ,durable and Environmental friendly.