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Lianyungang Longyi Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter refer to "the Company), is a leading professional company in the field of manufacturing wood products, trading and international logistics...

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Sodium Bicarbonate

White primer MDF moulded door skins

White primer moulded door panel

White primer door face

White primer door panel

White primer face door skins

White primer moulded door skins

White primer door skins

Wood grains door skins

Glossy face door skins

Melamine face door skins

Cherry face moulded door skins

Melamine moulded door skins

Moulded door face

Moulded door skins

Concrate plywood

Thin plywood

Door skin plywood

Door face plywood

Door panel plywood

Door size plywood

Bintangor plywood

Okoume Plywood

Moulded Door Skins

Poplar Layer

Poplar Veneer

Gurjan Veneer



Mono Potassium Phosphate

Dipotassium Phosphate

Potassium Citrate

Mono calcium Phosphate

Plain MDF

Plain Particle Board

Brown film faced plywood

Furniture plywood

Commercial plywood